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I managed to figure out how to use PayPal, and so I ordered Infinite's 3 singles from YesAsia (they arrived a week ago and they're so shiny and pretty and omg I love them) and a BB cream mini package from eBay (still waiting for that, hopefully it'll arrive next week) and I so so sooo hope that I'll find a BB cream that suits me... I'm gonna try SKIN79 first, if that doesn't work I'll try Skinfood, and if that doesn't work I'll either give up and sink into a pit of despair or try to find another brand...
I've heard a lot of good things from SKIN79 so fingers crossed that first time's the charm...

This is the first public entry I've done in a loooong time, it's probably been over a year...
I know I've used LJ mainly for my emo-ranting and useless whining, but maybe I'll try to start writing posts that are positive....... I'll try to start writing in general, I always end up neglecting my diaries etc... ;___;
I've thought about making a blog... Maybe later...
4th-Nov-2009 07:53 pm - ~Friends only~
Like the title says, from now on my entries can't be viewed unless you're on my friends list. (There still might be some random fandom-related posts. Possibly. If I feel like it.)
Because there might be people who just lurk around without saying anything. They know who they are, and if they haven't got the guts to talk to me, they should just leave.
Thank you for your time.
5th-Sep-2009 12:32 pm - Introduction..
So I finally decided to join LJ, I've been stalking random communities and/or users for a while now...
Thought it might be fun so I'm giving this a try.. :) Also, it's always nice to get to know new people. So by all means, say hi if you feel like it. :D

I'm in dire need of a userpic... >___>
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